Pennsieve Discover Overview

What is Pennsieve Discover and how does it provide access to public datasets?

In order to maximize utility and reproducibility of biomedical research, it is important that scientists are able to make their research data publicly available. This is particularly relevant when research is sponsored by government funding agencies (i.e. National Institutes of Health) as these data are generally viewed as a public asset.

The Pennsieve platform allows users to publish their datasets for re-use by the scientific community. Each dataset will receive a globally recognized DOI which you can use in publications, and will automatically be indexed through Google Dataset, and other search engines.

The Pennsieve platform provides mechanisms to ensure that published datasets adhere to all FAIR Principles of Data Sharing through a number of quality checks and standardization mechanisms. This means that when datasets are published, the platform automatically includes information that allows other users to find these datasets and access the datasets in a standardized way.