Creating and deleting datasets

Datasets are the primary method for organizing and grouping your data. An organization is not limited to a certain number of datasets, but all data on the platform must belong to one. All datasets have a unique name and short description to help members of an organization clearly identify them, their contents, and their purpose.

Creating Datasets

To create a new dataset, click on the “New Dataset” button in the upper right corner of your Datasets page.


Datasets settings

If you are a dataset Owner or Manager, you have administrative rights on a dataset. Owners and Managers can change the dataset name and subtitle, request DOIs and can choose to delete the dataset from the "Settings" panel.

Deleting Datasets

In order to delete a dataset from your organization, you will need to confirm by clicking ‘Delete’ in the pop-up window. Keep in mind that deleting datasets is permanent and cannot be undone.