Creating links between metadata records

How do I create a relationship between two metadata records?

After creating records for various models on the platform, you can create links between records. This allows you to place your data in context, and enable more advanced functionality to query, and navigate over data on the platform.

A relationship always has an originating record and a destination record. In addition, a relationship has a type , which must be created at the model level first.

Linking a record to one or more other records

To create a relationship between records, open the details for a particular record and click on the Link to Record button. A dropdown menu allows you to select the model of the record you want link to the current record.


NOTE: You can only link to other models that have records associated with them.

Next, you must select the relationship type (created at the model level):


Then, hit the Create Relationship button to link between the active record and all the records that you selected:


Visualizing relationships in the dataset

Relationships between records are made visible in the Explore pane of the dataset. The data model viewer shows which models are connected in the dataset. Two models are connected if any of the records of these models have a relationship.


The details panel of each record shows the relationships for that particular record underneath the properties of the record. Each record can have relationships with multiple other records of different models.