Dataset Contributors

How do I add contributors to my dataset and what does this mean?


Every dataset needs to have one or more contributors associated with the dataset when the dataset is published to Blackfynn Discover. The contributors are listed on the dataset landing page on Blackfynn Discover and can be considered analogous to Authors on a scientific publication. By default, the owner of the dataset is added as the sole contributor to the dataset after creation of the dataset.

Adding Dataset Contributors

Dataset contributors can be added to a dataset from the Settings panel. The order in which the contributors are added will be the same as the order in which contributors are listed on the Blackfynn Discover dataset landing page. You can easily add contributors that are part of your Blackfynn organization and external contributors.

If users have associated an ORCID ID with their user profile, this will be reflected in the list by a green "ID" icon next to the user name. We recommend to associate an ORCID ID with each contributor as this enables anybody that finds the public dataset after publishing, to contact the contributors and engage in a collaboration.

Note: Contributors are stored as part of the published dataset and it is therefore necessary to associate ORCID IDs before the dataset is published.

Dataset Contributors from Pennsieve Users

Use the dropdown menu to find users that you want to add as a contributor. The menu contains both:

  • Users in your organization and
  • Any external collaborators that you have previously added to other datasets.

External Contributors

If you want to add contributors that are not part of your Pennsieve workspace, you can manually add these by clicking on the "Create Contributor" button. You only have to do this once as saved external collaborators show up in the dropdown menu.

The Corresponding Contributor

Each dataset has a single Corresponding Contributor which is responsible for the published dataset. The Corresponding Contributor is required to have an ORCID ID and is separately named in the dataset landing page. The Corresponding Contributor must be the dataset owner at the time of publishing.

Editing and Re-ordering Dataset Contributors

As mentioned above, the contributors are listed in order on the dataset settings page (and on the dataset details page on Pennsieve Discover) and can be considered analogous to authors on a scientific publication.

However, you may need to update or re-order the contributors in order to assure proper attributions. In order to do this, you can navigate to the Contributors section on the Settings panel within a dataset and select the breadcrumbs next to the contributor name. This will allow you to update, re-order, or delete the contributors for the dataset in question. Both the dataset owner and anyone with Manager permissions on the dataset can update or re-order the contributor list.

Contributors on Pennsieve Discover

After publishing a dataset, the list of contributors is publicly available on the Discover platform. Additional information is made available for contributors that have an associated ORCID ID. Clicking on the ORCID ID link will open a new window on