Adding Publishers to your Pennsieve accounts

How do I add publishers to my account on Pennsieve?

The Dataset Publishing Workflow requires users to submit a dataset to a review panel that is defined within the workspace. The review panel (or Publishers) can then accept or reject a submitted dataset.

Before anybody in your workspace can publish a dataset, you will need to identify which workspace members should have the ability to approve and sign-off on requests for publication. On the platform, this is done by adding these user accounts to the Publishers Team.

To do this, you will navigate to the Publishing tab on the left-hand menu:


and select the Manage Publishers button in the upper right corner:


Importantly, only workspace owners and/or administrators can add users to the Publisher team, similar to how other teams are created. It is also possible to remove users from this team by clicking on the 'x' next to the row with the user name.

Once a user is added to the Publishers Team, they can review and approve datasets that are submitted for publication.