Installing the Pennsieve Agent

Programmatically upload files to the Pennsieve platform


1. Installing the Pennsieve Agent

The latest version of the Pennsieve Agent can be downloaded from:

Windowsdownload the file with the .msi extension. This is a Windows installer and will guide you through the steps to install the Pennsieve Agent.
Macdownload the file with the x86_64.pkg extension for older Mac chips (i.e. Intel chip Macs) and the file with the arm64.pkg extension for newer Mac chips (i.e. M chip Macs). This is a Mac installer and will guide you through the steps to install the Pennsieve agent. If you can't open the installer because of security settings on your computer, try to right-click on the file in your explorer, and select 'Open'.
Linuxdownload the file with the .deb extension and use apt or dpkg to install the package, e.g.

2. Configuring the Pennsieve Agent

A detailed page describing how to configure the Pennsieve Agent and how to setup profiles associated with your Pennsieve user-account can be found here: Configuring client credentials.

3. [OPTIONAL] Installing Python Pennsieve Agent

In order to with Pennsieve Python library, install the latest version with the following command (Anaconda console for Windows, terminal for Linux/MAC):

pip install -U pennsieve2

This command should download and install the latest release of the Pennsieve package for python (temporarily called pennsieve2).

Verifying the installation

You should be able to run the installer to install the Pennsieve Agent. To check if the Pennsieve Agent is installed, open your terminal and run pennsieve. This should return some help documentation for the Pennsieve Agent.

$ pennsieve

The Pennsieve-Agent can be used to interact with the Pennsieve Platform.

  pennsieve [command]

Available Commands:
  agent       Starts the Agent gRPC server
  completion  Generate the autocompletion script for the specified shell
  config      Show the current Pennsieve configuration file.
  dataset     Set your current working dataset.
  help        Help about any command
  manifest    Lists upload sessions.
  profile     Manage Pennsieve profiles
  upload      Upload files to the Pennsieve platform.
  whoami      Displays information about the logged in user.

      --db string   db file (default is $HOME/.pennsieve/db.ini)
  -h, --help        help for pennsieve-server
  -t, --toggle      Help message for toggle

Use "pennsieve [command] --help" for more information about a command.