Overview of data publishing

What is data publishing?

Why data publishing?

Nearly all data generated by scientific researchers are principally shared through scientific journals and publications. Despite the wealth of information and data shared in these manuscripts, it is extremely rare that raw data generated by experiments are shared in scientific journals and publications. Recently, there have been incredible developments in novel experimental techniques and tools that can generate enormous amounts of data. These advances, coupled with a dramatic increase in data sharing, have underscored the need to share large amounts of data among researchers, but also to provide a mechanism to enable the peer-reviewed publishing of data. This ultimately enables the data being shared to not only be highly accessible and reusable (i.e. FAIR), but also of high quality and value.

Data Publishing Workflow Schematic

The diagram below walks through the workflow how to submit your dataset for review and publication to a Publisher Team to either a private, embargoed space or to a publicly accessible space (i.e. Pennsieve Discover).