Creating a Pennsieve Account

How do I get a Pennsieve account? How do I update my account?

Every user needs an account to access Pennsieve to Submit a Dataset Proposal to a Repository or to access a private workspace. All you need to create a Pennsieve account is your name and an email address.

Access Pennsieve in 3 easy steps:

  1. Create a Pennsieve user account
  2. Complete account registration
  3. Accept the Pennsieve Terms of Service

1. Create a Pennsieve User Account

From the Pennsieve data management platform homepage,, click on the Access Platform link in the upper right-hand corner and then on Create new account link in the pop-up:

Fill our your Name and email address and click the Create Your Account button:

Follow the confirmation message to complete your account registration:

Check your email for the Welcome to Pennsieve message from [email protected] to Complete Registration:

Signing up from a Workspace Invitation

Did you receive an invitation to a Pennsieve workspace, but you don't have an account? No problem! After clicking on the Complete Registration button in the emailed workspace invitation, complete the steps in the next section.

See details on Accepting a workspace invitation in the Workspace Management article.

2. Complete Registration

To finish creating your account by confirming your email and setting a password, complete your registration within 30 days.

Click on the Complete Registration button from the Welcome email or Workspace invitation email to verify your email and set a password:

Click the Set Password button to complete your account registration and receive confirmation.


Now you're ready to setup your Pennsieve Profile!


Didn't receive the Welcome email? Unable to set your password?

Let us help! Email [email protected].

3. Accept the Pennsieve Terms of Service

Login to the Pennsieve Platform by clicking the link to Access Platform from the homepage (see Step 1 for details) and inputting your email address and newly created password.

Accept the Pennsieve Terms of Service:


You will now be in the Welcome Workspace