Introduction to DataCanvas

What is a DataCanvas?

A DataCanvas is a mechanism which allows users to create a collection of packages and files from multiple datasets, and across sources. The intent is to collect and organizes the files and packages in an organized structure that may be different from their origin. The intent is not to support curation or publication, but rather as a tool for staging analysis, quick data aggregation, sharing with collaborators and data generation

  • folders within a DataCanvas permit you to create your own organization.

Why use a DataCanvas?

A DataCanvas lets users keep track of "interesting" artifacts (files/packages) in one place. Users can download their DataCanvas, including all linked files and packages across sources, as a single download via a .zip file.

How to create and use a DataCanvas?

If you are interested in utilizing this feature as an alpha user, please reach out to us at [email protected] for assistance. Pennsieve support will work with you to implement and use this service as we improve the DataCanvas service, documentation and recipes. Below is an overview of the steps to utilize these features:

  1. Create a DataCanvas in a Workspace
  2. Create a Folder structure in the DataCanvas
  3. Attach Packages to the Folders
  4. Download the DataCanvas in a ZIP File


Can a DataCanvas contain public and private packages?

Yes, files and packages from datasets published publicly and those a user has access to privately can be included in a DataCanvas.

Can a DataCanvas be published?

No, currently DataCanvases cannot be published as its own dataset.

We'd love to hear your feedback!

If you have ideas on how to make the DataCanvas service more useful or a use-case for this service, let us know! Contact us through the chat feature or email us at [email protected].