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Creating metadata models

How do I create metadata models on the platform?

How to create a model

If you're the owner of a dataset, you can create data models for this datasets. You can create, and manage the models for a dataset in the Models pane of the dataset.

To create a new data model, click on the Empty Model button. A model identifier is automatically generated from the name that you provide. This identifier is used when you access the data programmatically.

What are properties?

Each model has Properties that describe the model. For instance, a model Patient may have properties such as Gender or Date of Birth. You can add properties by clicking on the Add Property button in the Model summary pane. For each property, you have to specify a name and the value type (i.e. Text, Number, Decimal, Boolean, etc.). You can also specify if this is a required property for the model.

Next, you can specify if the property should be used as the Model Title. Only one property can be used as the model title and this indicates that the value of this property is used in record lists of this model. You can also choose if a property can have multiple values or specify selected values for enumerated lists (i.e. If your property is Day of the Week, you can specify Monday, Tuesday, etc. as the values to accept).

NOTE: Once models and properties are created, only the names can be edited! If you create a model or property by error, you must remove it and create a new one.

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Creating metadata models

How do I create metadata models on the platform?

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