Pennsieve is Live!

Today, we released the Pennsieve Production platform and allowed Blackfynn users to join and update their user information. This is quite a significant milestone and something that the Blackfynn team has worked towards for the last 4 months.

We are thrilled to continue the development of the Platform at the University of Pennsylvania and we are looking forward to continue and expand our scientific collaborations towards the development of tools and platform technologies to foster collaboration and advance our ability as a scientific community to accelerate research.


As part of the transition, there have been a couple of significant updates to the platform:

  • User Authentication is now handled by AWS Cognito which provides a more sustainable and scalable solution for platform authentication going forward.
  • Pennsieve has a completely revamped Documentation Hub and Developer Hub! You can even log in using your platform credentials and help improve the documentation by providing suggestions or directly use the API.
  • We updated our integration with ORCID, which means users will need to re-associate their accounts in their user-profile.

Pennsieve Documentation Hub