November 10, 2022 - Update Email, Login Response

The Pennsieve platform released two new capabilities today:

  1. The ability for users to update their email address
  2. An improved login experience that provides feedback to the user

Update User Email

Users may now update their email address on the Pennsieve platform

  • Navigate to the View My Profile page
  • Scroll down to the Email section
  • Enter the new email address, and click Update Email

A confirmation email will be sent to the user's old and new email addresses. Once changed, the new email address must be used to login to the Pennsieve platform. In addition, the user's new email address will show in the Contributors page of all datasets where the user is listed.


Improved Login Experience

The user login experience now provides feedback that the provided email address and password were successfully authenticated. A new 'toast' message is displayed at the top of the Pennsieve Web Application. The message also indicates that the Pennsieve platform is loading the user's workspace. Once all necessary data is loaded, the application will show the Datasets page.


Bug Fixes

  • Issues with linking and unlinking a user's ORCID iD were fixed