Aug 3, 2021 - Curation support / timeseries updates

A number of small bug-fixes have been released to ensure better performance of the platform.

In addition, we updated some mechanisms around publishing dataset:

  • *Added support for Platform Administrators to switch owners on behalf of the dataset owner: It is now possible for the Pennsieve Administrators to help migrate ownership of datasets in case the current owner is non-responsive or has left the organization.

  • *Added support for Publishers within an organization: It is now possible for publishers within an organization to publish revisions of a dataset when the dataset owner does not have an ORCID associated with his/her account. This is not a recommended workflow but allows publishers to move the process of publishing forward in certain situations.

  • *Updates to the time-series viewer to better support data with multiple large-scale gaps: General updates to the time-series viewer and specifically support for automatically fast-forwarding in case of timeseries dataset with large gaps between valid data segments.