Pennsieve Client Overview

Overview of the Pennsieve Clients and usage of the clients

The Pennsieve Platform allows users to interact with the platform programmatically through a number of client tools. These tools provide wrappers around the open API that is described within the Pennsieve Documentation Hub and allow users to interact with the platform using more intuitive commands than using the API directly.

In order to use the client tools, you typically need to install the Pennsieve Agent. This is an application that runs in the background on your computer and handles low-level interactions with the platform (e.g. large file uploads). In addition, the Agent provides the Command Line Interface which allows you to interact with the platform from the terminal.

The Python client provides python methods to interact with the platform and relies on the Agent for some of its functionality. Therefore, it is recommended to install the Pennsieve Agent when you planning to use the Pennsieve Python client or other client tools.

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